Endangered Animals

This week, we have been learning about Endangered Animals and the reasons why they are endangered. Climate change, deforestation , pollution and poaching are the main threats many animals face.

By learning more about these animals we can educate ourselves about how we can make a difference. In the short term, the children were keen to raise money to adopt an animal with the WWF.

Lots of baking later and a cake sake and the children raised over £100 for the WWF. Thank you 😊 everyone for your support.

In the coming weeks, we are going to decide what small changes we make at school to do our bit to reduce Climate Change and help the environment.

Goodbye Rubies!! 📚❤️🍎

Wow!! How can it be the end of another school year already?!

Ruby Class, you have blown me away over the last two years. You have made me the proudest teacher in the whole world and I’m really going to miss you all!

Have a wonderful summer, Mrs Huntbach and I can’t wait to hear what you get up to!

Mums and Dads, I am incredibly grateful for the support and patience you have all shown me over the last two years. Thank you for trusting me to ‘borrow’ your children to teach them. Each and everyone one is a credit to you! I hope they continue to grow into the amazing young individuals they are all capable of being! 😍❤️📚

⭐️⭐️ Head Boy and Head Girl 2022/2023⭐️⭐️

A fantastic awards assembly, sharing the achievements of all the children throughout the school.

The finale of the assembly was the announcement of our new Head Girl and Head Boy for 2022/ 2023. It was a very difficult decision as all the nominees had wowed us with their speeches last week but a decision had to be made.

It is with great pleasure we announce Toby and Florence as Head Boy and Head Girl. We know they will do themselves and the school proud. Thank you so much to our outgoing Year 6 Head Boy and Girl who have done a fantastic job this year.

⭐️Head Boy and Girl nominations⭐️

14 children from Year 5 were nominated by the staff to potentially be our new Head Boy and Girl. Wow!

On Monday, they took a big breath and stood up in front of the whole school to perform their speeches. They all did themselves proud and made it an incredibly hard decision for the staff.

Harry and Caprice will pass over their throne on Monday in our Awards Ceremony.

👩‍💻👨‍🔬Primary College 22🏀🍪

Year 5&6 have had a wail of a time at South Cheshire College this week taking part in Primary College 22. Bricklaying, woodwork, hairdressing, engineering, cookery- you name it we did it over the 2 days!

The children were absolutely superb- they joined in with enthusiasm, navigated around the building beautifully and learnt lots of amazing skills that maybe one day they will turn into their career.

Thank you Primary College.

⭐️Rounders Team⭐️

If there’s one word we could use to describe these wonderful athletes it’d be PROUD! 😃

This afternoon, they took on Leighton, Gainsborough, Acton and Brierley in the Crewe and Nantwich Rounders Tournament. They showed fantastic teamwork, improved themselves ball after ball, conducted themselves with maturity and determination and hit lots of absolute crackers! Well done guys! 👍

A huge thank you to all the parents for supporting, especially Mr Kyle for scoring! 🙏