Amazing Autumn!

Throughout Year One, we have planned four seasonal weeks for us to learn
more about the seasons! We have had a super start to our Autumn week!

Many thanks for all your hard work at home to collect lots of wonderful
Autumn treasures! The children have added so many wonderful things to our class
collection and we have used these to make our very own sensory descriptions of

Welcome to Emerald Class!

Welcome to Emerald Class blog! Now our blog is up and running, we can share lots of our learning with you!

Emerald children have had a super start to their time in Year One. They have worked incredibly hard to learn the new rules and routines and we are really proud of your hard work! It’s a joy to be in Emerald Class with such happy and curious learners!


In English, the children have been working hard to write instructions. As part of our seasonal learning, the children planted daffodils. We can’t wait to see them flower in the spring! Emerald Class discussed and wrote the instructions for how to plant the bulbs. They worked very hard to include ‘bossy’ verbs and time words. In Emerald Class, we are working very hard to read our writing back aloud and check that our sentences make sense. Our class target is to make sure our sentences begin with a capital letter, include finger spaces between words and end with a full stop.

Linking to Halloween learning, Emerald Class then made their very own magic potions. They wrote the instructions for how to fly, become invisible and even how to turn into a cat! Emerald Class are very imaginative and used lots of interesting ingredients in their potions!

In Maths, we are following the White Rose Scheme. The children are working brilliantly on using the part-whole model to find different ways to make numbers. We are currently exploring number bonds. We are using resources to support us and models such as bar models, tens frames and the whole-part model.

Please see the sheet sent home with ideas how to support your child to learn the number bonds! Emerald Class are enjoying exploring the different ways to make numbers.

Kings! 👑

On Friday Diamond Class had a super discussion about God. We discussed how it’s okay for people to believe in different things and that we must respect and be kind about the things people believe in and feel are important. 😊

We learned that God is important to lots of people! We learned that Christians believe God to be a King. To mark our learning we made super, special, sparkly crowns!

We had so much fun! 👑😊😀❤️

A harvest service with a twist and a tingle

last Friday we had our whole school harvest service, but this year it was a little different. we focused on the creation story and used a potato and various other items to represent the earth and all of the things god put on the earth. The children had a great time and really enjoyed creating their harvest tingles and even added some items of their own to show some other amazing creations.