Topaz Nature Pictures

This morning, Topaz class had a lovely peaceful session in the wildlife area creating Nature Pictures. They worked brilliantly together and produced fantastic pictures despite the heavy downpour of rain !

⁉️⁉️Does light bend? ⁉️⁉️

This afternoon, Onyx class investigated how light travels. They shone a torch through a series of holes in squares of card, and the light shone onto the end target. They found that when they moved a piece of card from the line, the light carried on travelling through the remaining holes to the target, but didn’t change direction to go through the moved hole.


🪡🪡Fashion through the decades🧵🧵

The Design and Technology and History brief was set: to make an outfit or item of clothing showing different trends/styles or colours from at least 3 different decades…. could they do it?!? Of course they could! 🥰

After spending weeks investigating different fashions and designing our own, it was time to get the needle and thread, scissors and material out. The children all did brilliantly, we made our own templates and some even started joining their pieces! 🥳🥳

Stay tuned for updates! 🤩

Practical Maths!

Today in Maths we have been learning how to share amounts into equal groups. The children had to work in pairs to share different amounts of cubes into groups of 2, 5 and 10. Tomorrow we are going to move on from cubes and instead use drawings to help us.

Well done Emerald Class!