Opal Class Team Day

Today in opal class we had a very creative and interesting team day!

We found out about gnomes who bring gifts at Christmas (if you remember their porridge), a fast food chain that has become a Christmas favourite in Japan and why children in Venezuela cover the sides of their bed in hay.

later in the day, we made and designed our own Christmas hats and put them through rigorous testing to make sure they were the right size and were stuck together securely (the only one to break belonged to Mr Delaney.

African printing

Onyx class have been studying the traditional way the African people produce beautiful prints on their fabric called Adinkra. The symbols used on the fabric have a symbolic meaning and tell a story. The class have made their own printing block, which includes a symbol they have designed themselves with a specific meaning to them. They will use this printing block to produce their own Adinkra cloth in the next lesson…..

An egg-citing science experiment in Diamond class!