Africa board game fun!

This afternoon, we had fun playing our fabulous board games that we made for our homework. The task was to design a game to help us to remember all the countries of Africa and they were all brilliant! Buzzers, counters, flags…. you name it, we had it! A huge thank you to all the parents who helped to make this such a success….. we loved them that much that we’ve kept them to play during wet play! 😍

Bug hunt

Diamond class have shown an interest in bugs they have found in the playground this week. So, we decided to goon a whole class bug hunt today! We found lots of wriggly worms and looked at them carefully before putting them back where they were found. We spoke about the importance of handling creatures with care.

🥀Remembrance Day🥀

Onyx class led from the front this week with our wonderful Team Captains, Head boy and Head Girl conducting our whole school Remembrance Day assembly. Every child in the school showed amazing respect and understanding and this was due mainly to how wonderfully they were led! Well done guys- I am one proud teacher! 🥰 A special mention must go to Lily who learnt the lines of one of the other captains who had been absent from school, ‘just in case!’ Wow, wow, wow!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Over the course of the day, we learnt about the Glade of Remembrance at the British Arboretum in Lichfield. We studied a brilliant poem by Laura Mucha called ‘We Remember’ and then worked hard to produce our own versions using metaphor and well chosen word choices.

Here are some of our finished products….. what do you think??