This week Topaz class spent their Science lesson investigating ‘Our Diverse Planet’, which is the theme of this years British Science Week. We focused on the question: Is everyone’s body the same?

As a class we investigated who had the longest legs and the biggest hands. We investigated if our arm span was the same as our height and if the distance from the tip of our middle finger was the same as the measurement around our wrists.

We found that we are all very different even though we might have some similar characteristics such as the same hair or eye colour.

We finished our session mapping out the bones in our body using the correct scientific vocabulary.

Maths 24!

The Year 5 children have continued with their Maths 24 challenge this morning. They are getting super speedy and are using a range or strategies to make 24 out of a given set of numbers.

Can you make 24 out of the digits 8 4 5 and 9?

You have to use each of the digits, but only once! You can use all four operations to help you.