A big thank you from Opal Class

Everyone in Opal class would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Davies and Miss Ashton for all of their hard work this term and helping us with our learning. Mr Delaney and the children have greatly appreciated getting to spend time with you, learn with you and have lots of laughs. We hope you have had just as much fun working with us as we have working with you.

Road safety week 2021

Last week was Road Safety week which was a great opportunity for us to talk about road safety and raise funds to help the Brake campaign for safer roads and support for families affected by road crashes.

We started road safety week with Mr Delaney sharing his favorite road safety videos and adverts from when he was a child. An example is shown below

The children were then set a challenge to create a script or voice over for a TV road safety campaign of their own which would run during road safety week. The themes were

  • The green cross code
  • Safety in and around cars
  • Walking in the dark
  • Cycling safety

The children went above and beyond with their hard work and created some TV worth masterpieces. A few examples are shown below.

Well done everyone! I can see some children finding their way into the advertising world in the near future.


Keeping with the theme of fruit, Our blog task this week is going to be about fruit from around the world! across the globe there is lots of strange fruit that we may not have seen or tasted. Could you create a bullet point shopping list of interesting exotic fruits and tell me where they came from. For example

  • Square watermelon (Japan)
  • Mangosteen (Philippines)

Dont be mean behind the screen!

To finish off kindness week we looked how we can be more kind in the digital world!

First, we watched the Youtube video of Jackattack vs Robotron that you can see below.

We discussed what happened in the video as a whole and then stopped at different points through out to talk about the different choices that Jackattack and Robotron had made.

Then, we looked at a range of scenarios and organised them into categories based on if they were kind or unkind things to do online

Once we had sorted the scenarios provided, we then moved on to writing down some scenarios of our own under each heading.

One Kind Word

This week is national anti-bullying week and the theme for the week is one kind word.

As a class we had a think about what kind words or phrases we could use to try and make someones day a little bit brighter.

We thought about complimenting someone, using our manners, telling someone to have a nice day, sharing with people and asking if people are ok.

We then added these to our flipchart as a reminder throughout the week.

How can you make someones day a little brighter this week?

Forest school

This week at forest school we looked at mini-beasts and where you would find them! We searched high and low and recorded our findings in our specially made wildlife journals.

The children found lots of interesting creatures and critters and were very intruiged when they found slug eggs hiding under the matting in the mud kitchen.


For this weeks blog task, I would like you to look around your house for something that could be recycled and turned into a bird house or bird feeder and bring it in to school with you so we can make bird feeders in our next forest school session.


Remembrance poetry

As part of our learning about remembrance day we created list poems focusing on what remembrance is.

Once we had finished, we placed them on to pictures of Flanders fields that we had created using pointillism and Georges Seurat as our inspiration.

I was amazed at the powerful poetry and beautiful imagery the children had created!

Well done everyone.

Awesome Origami

This week we have started a topic on writing instructions. To help us understand what a good set of instructions needs, we followed an example set and an instructional video to show us how to make paper hats, paper elephants and paper dogs.

After following these videos and instructions, we created our own set of instructions describing how to create paper hats so we could help other people make them too.

Team challenge

Our first team blog challenge is going to be based on instructions. I would like you to look around your house and create a list of all of the places where you find examples of instructions. Top tip – try looking at baking ingredients, cook books or manuals that come with toys and gadgets.

The team that finds the most different items containing instructions will win a team price.

🇬🇧 British Gymnastics 🇬🇧

We want to share with you all some fantastic news- Naomi Kyle (Year 6) finished 3rd in the British Gymnastics Competition this weekend earning herself a very heavy & shiny bronze medal! This puts her 3rd in the country! Wow, wow, wow!

⭐️Superstar! ⭐️

I am sure you will all join us in saying how proud we are of her and this just shows that hard work does pay off! 🤩

🗣Speak out. Stay safe.📣

On Monday, the whole school took part in a special assembly from the NSPCC. We learnt that all children have the right to speak out and be heard, be safe and be listened to.

We learnt that all of us have worries, sometimes big and sometimes small. We learnt that our emotions are like a giant bag: the more worries we have, the more we fill the bag. This then helped us to understand why it is important to speak out when we are feeling worried or unsafe. Each time we speak about our worries, we remove it from our bag!

We realised that there are many people we can speak to like our parents, a trusted adult (over 18years), a teacher or member of staff, another family member, the police or even Childline.

Finally, we learnt that Childline is a number that is always there for us. 08001111 is a number, not to be forgotten!