Opal Class Team Day

Today in opal class we had a very creative and interesting team day!

We found out about gnomes who bring gifts at Christmas (if you remember their porridge), a fast food chain that has become a Christmas favourite in Japan and why children in Venezuela cover the sides of their bed in hay.

later in the day, we made and designed our own Christmas hats and put them through rigorous testing to make sure they were the right size and were stuck together securely (the only one to break belonged to Mr Delaney.

Creative Cave Art

this week we decided that a regular art lesson would not be crazy enough. so, we decided to try it upside down!

We removed our trays from under the table, stacked our chairs up and made our way into our caves (underneath our tables). Once we were under the tables we were under the tables we stuck our textured sugar paper to the underside of the table and began to draw.

The results were some amazing pieces of cave art and a new found appreciation of how difficult it is to draw, write and colour inside a cave

Opal Classes week in the sun

Fire making Monday

Following the winter solstice this Monday, Opal Class decided to make the most of the lovely sunny weather while we still have it.

On Monday we searched high and low to find the tools and materials to build our own Stone Age fires. We set off in groups of 6 to find a base board to build the fire on, stones to strike together, dry grass to use as tinder and sticks to fuel the fire. The result was some brilliantly built fires that could cook a mammoth or sabre tooth tiger to feed the whole family.

Taekwondo Tuesdays

On Tuesday we took to the field to take part in some Taekwondo. We begun by practicing our walking and front stances and then began to learn how to perform the 3 key blocks, low block, inner block and high block. Once we had got the hang of these, it was time to put them together. We worked through Taegeuk El Jang (pattern 1) going one movement at a time and then worked on mastering the first 6 movements. ( a video showing the pattern is linked below)

Once we returned to the classroom we spoke about the language I had been using and after a few guesses the children worked out that it was Korean. We practiced the numbers 1-10 in Korean and the children quickly picked it up. Some were even willing to have a go on their own. A link to the numbers is attached below.

It has been amazing to teach the children some taekwondo for the last few weeks and I hope they are enjoying it as much as I am.

Toolkit Thursday

On Thursday we looked at the importance of cave art and the insight that it has given us into life in the stone age. We set out on a mission to create our own cave art telling the story of life today. However, it would be unfair for us to use modern tools to create our cave art. so, we set off outside and began looking for sticks, leaves, pine needles, grass, shoots, roots and berries that may be useful in our cave art tool kit. Next week we will see how our tools survived and attempt to create some cave art of our own.

Maths fun friday

On friday we took our whiteboards and pens outside to create a human number line! We made a number line to 100, a number line to 1000 and finally we played hotter or colder to help each other figure out their mystery number. Hopefully putting our place value work into a practical context will help us to understand the value of numbers up to 1000.

Opal Class Election Fever

Yesterday in opal class the tensions were high, the ballot boxes had opened and election fever had set in.

13 brave children stepped forward and stated their interest in the roll of Opal Class Safeguarding Officer. They had 5 minutes to create a heartfelt speech that touched the hearts of their peers and inspired them to write their name on the ballot.

The speeches were amazing and each child really showed how passionate they were about the roll of safeguarding officer.

The votes were tight. However, after some independent adjudication, Eva Jackson came out on top. The crowd were blown away by her amazing speech about how she cares for her class the same way she would care for her family and her dog.

Overall all of the election candidates should be incredibly proud of themselves and a career in inspirational speaking could be on the cards for them all.

Mr Delaney


On Friday the whole of KS2 attended the Young Voices Concert at Manchester Arena! We sang along-side over 8000 other children to an audience of family and friends. We performed with Ruti Olajugbagbe , who was the winner of The Voice in 2018, The Shires and Tony Hadley, a member of the band Spandau Ballet. We had a fantastic time as I am sure you can see from the photographs. We can’t wait till Young Voices 2020!