⭐️Head Boy and Girl nominations⭐️

14 children from Year 5 were nominated by the staff to potentially be our new Head Boy and Girl. Wow!

On Monday, they took a big breath and stood up in front of the whole school to perform their speeches. They all did themselves proud and made it an incredibly hard decision for the staff.

Harry and Caprice will pass over their throne on Monday in our Awards Ceremony.

Diamond Dino’s! 🦕

Today in Diamond class we went right back to the Jurassic era! We used some lovely dinosaurs to explore some different textures and smells (and make lots of mess!)

In preparation for Year One we have been working on writing completely independently without an adult present and the children have just been wowing me🐆! We have also been busy practising our pattern making to create multilink snakes 🐍! Such a busy day!!

Sports Week catch up!!

What an amazing day we’ve had today at the Chill Factore, the children were fantastic although they were a little cold they kept on going and managed to have fun!

The children loved trying out some scooter skills on Wednesday, especially using only two wheels!

On Tuesday we practiced some Taekwondo movements the children loved this! Especially being allowed to shout at the teacher! I know lots of the children already do martial arts so it was a great time for them to show off their skills!

💎 Fordhall Farm Visit 🐖🐑

Wow!! What an AMAZING day we have had! We have had the most wonderful experience learning all about farm life from worms all the way where our meat comes from! We got to see a sheep being sheared and got to toast some yummy marshmallows! We even tested to see if we could tell the difference between organic food and non organic!

I could not be any more proud of the children today. They have been a true credit to us all! I’m sure they’re bubbling with information to tell you at home!

Reception and Key Stage One Sports Day!

Wow what a fantastic morning we had for Sports Day! The weather was beautiful and we had so much fun competing in our races! Well done everyone, we are so proud of you!

We took part in the sprint, hobby horse, egg and spoon and the sack race. Finally we ended our sports day with the relay and some of the children had a sibling race with younger brothers and sisters! What a fun morning!

Thank you to all the parents, relatives and carers who came too!

Thank you also to Miss Wade, Mrs Booth and Mrs Dale for organising such a super sports day! Thanks to all the staff for helping run the event!