❤️ Woof Date: I’m sooo excited to see you! ❤️

Hello my fabulous Sound Family,

I hope you’ve had an amazing summer! I’ve been super busy playing with the cats; helping with the extension; going on lots of walks; being groomed and spending lots of time with my family!!! 😎

Waiting in the car ready to come to school…

Mum has just cleaned the car out which is making me jump up and down with joy as I know it can only mean one thing: seeing all of you again on Thursday! 😍 I have missed you all soo much and I can not wait to sit down with you and listen to all the exciting things you have been doing (whilst being stroked & cuddled of course!) I am especially excited to meet the new Reception children and make even more friends-WELCOME TO THE SOUND FAMILY! Yey! 🤩

I’m soo happy to be seeing my Sound friends again!

Padme’s Postbox Challenge: This week in my postbox I’d like you to draw a picture or write to me about what makes you smile! 😄 I smile when I see my friends and when you tickle me behind my right ear! Remember to add in lots of details and colour… I can’t wait to get reading!

Lots of lots,

Padme 🐾

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