⭐️✨ Welcome To Sound! Reception Class 2021-2022! ✨⭐️

Miss Poppleton and Miss Williams-Day had the most wonderful day meeting lots of our lovely new starters at a socially distanced door stop drop today! 😊✨

It was so lovely to see everyone’s smiley faces and to hear that all the children are so excited to start at our amazing School! 😊 We really can’t wait for you to join our Sound Family soon!

Each of our new starters was given a special Diamond Bear and his diary. 🐻 Diamond Bear loves adventures and can’t wait to spend the summer with our new starters! We can’t wait to read the diaries in September and to see all the fun Diamond Bear and the children get up to! ☺️

Thank you for a perfect day Reception Class 21-22! We already can’t wait to see you all again soon!

Ps- Remember to pop your magnet in your happy place! 😊 🌟

Diamond Bear and his special diary! A magnet of your new teachers 😊
Special deliveries!!!! 😀

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